US ICOMOS-IUCN Culture Nature Journey @ Presidio, San Francisco


Date: 2018
Location: Presidio @ SanFrancisco, USA


The 2018 International Symposium, Forward Together: A Culture-Nature Journey Toward More Effective Conservation in a Changing World, welcomed participants from across the United States and from 15 other nations and six continents to explore the understanding that cultural and natural heritage are dynamic and inextricably linked in many landscapes and waterscapes and that effective and long-lasting conservation of these places depends on better integration of the ‘entangled dimensions’ of culture and nature.

The Forward Together symposium sought to advance the evolving collaboration between these two international organizations in exploring the interconnections of cultural and natural heritage and ways to shape more sustainable conservation. In this context, the symposium was designed as an opportunity to exchange knowledge, assess lessons learned, and identify strategies to advance the integration of culture and nature for more effective conservation.

To achieve these goals, the symposium addressed a set of broad interrelated themes that are important areas of innovation in conservation today:

  • Taking a landscape approach,
  • Recognizing intangible heritage and diverse perspectives,
  • Enhancing resilience, adaptation and sustainability, and
  • Building capacity for change.
  • Past and future directions for World Heritage is an important topic that cuts across these themes.

The authors of papers in this Proceedings spoke on these themes, representing a diverse array of professional backgrounds and working in a wide variety of places across the U.S. and around the world. They bring experience from projects on the ground as well as diverse perspectives from regional, national and international programs. US/ICOMOS is pleased to include papers from other countries, as one of the goals of US/ICOMOS is to encourage international exchange and collaboration that is valuable in generating insights and new ideas.


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