Month: March 2018

A memorial no more: Jallianwallah Bagh or recreational park

A hundred years on can Landscape architecture embody the emotions of a historic event that changed the course of history of a nation fighting for independence?

The Jallinawallah Bagh witnessed a massacre of ……Indians gathered for a peaceful demonstration on Baisakhi, the day of the annual harvest festival celebrated with fervour in this part of the country. Without warning, in what has gone down in history as a massacre ringing the end of colonial rule, troops marched through a narrow alley ……


CSR: ‘RENEW’ing a commitment and delivering beyond the built

Where do we see ourselves heading in India regarding the future of our people and their engagement with public space- creating places that inspire creativity, encourage forging social bonds and instilling a sense of safety, ownership and participation within the world’s largest democracy.

I have often wondered how to make a difference in public spaces in India. We are able to design and showcase quality in private commercial projects yet when it comes to public spaces..