Letter to a young girl named India on her response when asked what is the meaning of her name

Letter to a young girl named India on her response when asked what is the meaning of her name
Dated 22nd May 2019


Dear India

When I offered to deliberate on the meaning of your name I thought I could pen down the response in a jiffy. Well, I knew it means something beautiful. But it has led to a deep dialogue within me of what I could convey to you that you would remember as you grow up and are asked this question again and again or each time you pose this question to yourself.

India to you could mean a peaceful place that you find within yourself. Its an abode for immense diversity of people and cultures that weave together beautifully. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how. In the same way, when you meet conflicting emotions or situations you need to remember your name is about balancing these different perspectives and forging ahead.

India is about tradition, belief, faith, and ancient wisdom. Remember to refer to these in your hour of need. Ancient wisdom is within each of us clothed often as common sense.

India is about colour, celebration, festivals and food. Remember to participate in others’ moments of joy and include others in your own.

India is about its sarees, a simple piece of fabric which has no cut, shape or form of its own but can fit one and all to be draped as a beautiful garment. I consider it the most beautiful outfit in the world. Remember to have that resilience to fit into any situation or place to add to its beauty and worth.

India is about its people. From different backgrounds, the very rich and the very poor, those that have and those that don’t. It represents the misery of many but the possibilities of miracles and transformation.

I wish you a peaceful and fulfilling life. Every Indian name has a meaning. But I am yet to come across a name that has a meaning as beautiful as yours.

Much love

Nupur Prothi Khanna