Culture –Nature Journey, Exploring the Complexities of Human Relationships with Natural and Cultural Places


Nature has many colours sheen,

Most precious and lovely is colour Green.

Green is another name of life,

Green should be abundant for our eyes,

Green has many shades on earth,

Green mountains keep us secure,

Green trees make rivers pure.

Sun rays soar plants so lovely green,

To give back raindrops to further green,

Try to understand their love ever green,

We all blessed because our country is so green.

Green bring prosperity,

Green protects us from quakes,

Green fights us from storms,

Green calms foundation roots,

Green are nature’s precious esteem.

Please refrain to axe the green,

With purpose to landscape your green,

Your peace, health and rest lies in green,

Stop your atrocities to see natural green.

Love begets love,

Like attract likes,

You love nature it will shower its abundance on you.

Preserve Natural Biodiversity to

Safeguard Your Future